Chyna is the rabbit with the huge ears. She came in as a stray and is a spirited rabbit who would do best with an experienced bunny family or person....
Ash was crammed into a crud-filled crate long with his 4 brothers and left on our lawn. They were almost emaciated, bitten up, riddled with mites and 2 of them were so badly infested with maggots they had to be euthanized on the spot. We dont un...
This chestnut doe IS a purebred Netherland Dwarf but she did not inherit the dwarf gene from either parent. She is only 11 weeks old but is already over 2 lbs. Instead of being about 2.5 lbs when fully grown she will be about 5 lbs. Still small just not tiny. She is also a very sweet, friendly rabbit who enjoys cuddles and booping you with her snoot. Please consider giving her a loving pet home.
Meet Sophia and Storm. There was never a more perfect pair of bunnies! We are not sure why they have been returned 4 times but 5 is a charm. Cuddly, friendly, lovely, adorable, blood line, pretty, great potty skills (with the exception of Sophia missing her box here and there). After all they have been through they must stay together. Will you be their lucky five?
This pair was surrendered by someone whose parents got divorced and hence had no where to keep them. They are a perfect set of bunnies!. Cuddly, pretty, nice potty skills... they must stay together.
Lover Boy is aptly named. The boy is amorous! He was found in a cardboard box on the side of the road in Monroe, NY. His exquisite white fur will become white again with time... Judging by the condition of his fur he lived in filth for quite a while... He gives kisses like nobodys business and loves a nice lap to lay in. He is 1 of those dog-like bunnies who has a larger than life outgoing pers...
Malt has outsmarted death so many times. This attractive stud wants to live! Rescued in a cruelty seizure out of PA he survived some of the harshest treatment. His nose is permanently disfigured due to syphilis and bunny in-fighting. His ears are scarred with battle wounds. When he was finally strong enough to underdo his neuter surgery, he reacted to the anashesia with a seizure becoming parti...
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